Rajaram Group has set out to be an emerging agribusiness player with more than three decades of manufacturing experience. The group commenced its operations in Soya bean oil extraction with the launch of Rajaram Solvex Ltd, followed by Rajaram Bioenergy and Rajaram Consumer Care.

Rajaram Solvex Ltd
Established with the sole purpose of giving farmers the right aid, a mechanism to operate and optimize their profits, we started our business in the Solvent Extraction of Oil Seeds and refined oil production.

Rajaram Bioenergy
As we grew steadily, we manufactured and marketed Biomass Pellets and Briquettes. Today, we are the largest manufacturers of Bioenergy in India.

Rajaram Consumer Care
In 2019, we ventured into the consumer care sector. We dived into this sector to bring in the best-in-class products to Indian households at a competitive price. With several innovative consumer products already launched, we plan to develop formulations for many more products soon.

Mission 2024
Mission 2024 aims to connect a minimum area of 2024 Acres in Sangli District, Maharashtra, to our program by the year 2024. This initiative is planned to ensure a higher yield of crops and address the concern of overcropping and loss of fertility in farmlands in neighbouring areas. Mission 2024 will directly benefit the farmers in terms of income and make this a sustainable model for various similar agricultural practices and industries. Rajaram group intends to provide similar support to all small and medium farm owners.


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We have implemented a plan for farmers and offered guidance to benefit them. Check out the video to know more.

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